Land Management

Aquarion’s reservoirs are surrounded by more than 15,000 acres of forest which serve as both a critical safeguard and an invaluable resource. By retaining moisture, filtering runoff and keeping streams pristine, the forest protects water supplies for hundreds of thousands of people. Its millions of trees help to clean the air and moderate the climate. It also provides intact ecosystems where a diverse range of plants and wildlife can survive and flourish, and it provides the public with places to find peace, beauty and recreation.

Managing this highly sensitive land requires a keen eye on its critical functions. Aquarion has always managed this land with the utmost care, often times being recognized as a great caretaker of nature. Today this property is now managed by a partnership among the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, The Nature Conservancy and Aquarion.

As a member of the partnership, Aquarion works to protect the forest’s many functions and resources. Our stewardship activities range from helping our partners route and maintain recreational trails in order to prevent erosion and shield critical habitat, to enforcing usage regulations and State laws, to helping the State act as a good neighbor to adjacent landowners.

Aquarion retains ownership of the even more sensitive land around our reservoirs. Though we allow public access in certain, carefully selected areas, we have also established stringent regulations designed to ensure public health and safety by minimizing if not eliminating any impact on our reservoirs and the surrounding lands.