Water Quality

Source Protection

Aquarion’s commitment to providing the highest quality water is evidenced by the efforts it makes to protect its reservoir and groundwater of supply from contamination.  Aquarion continually conducts site inspections and monitors land use activities and water quality at hundreds of locations throughout our watershed and aquifer areas.

Strict regulations protect our water supplies by safeguarding the lands that surround our reservoirs and wellfields, and Aquarion is vigilant in monitoring activities on those lands.  Enforcement officers from Aquarion and the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection regularly patrol these properties and take immediate and decisive enforcement action when necessary.

Protecting water resources is everyone’s responsibility, however, and the public’s awareness and compliance with water protection regulations enable us to keep certain watershed areas open for public recreation and education.  For example, all visitors to our properties need a valid permit issued through Aquarion, and certain activities such as camping, dog walking, horseback riding and the use of motorized vehicles are prohibited.

Of course, please — if you see any activity that could contaminate or otherwise endanger drinking water supplies, call Aquarion or the local police.