About Aquarion

Mission and Values Statement

Aquarion’s mission is to be the service provider, employer and investment of choice through a relentless commitment to excellence. We will achieve this by valuing:


  • Being polite and courteous to each other
  • Appreciating the background and opinions of co-workers and customers alike
  • Understanding that we strengthen our work relationships through differing points of view, and open and honest feedback
  • Acknowledging that other people’s time is as valuable as your own


  • Promptly providing information and handling requests
  • Keeping customers and co-workers updated on the status of their requests
  • Anticipating what needs to be done, and doing it
  • Replying to messages in a timely manner


  • Being accountable by saying, “The buck stops here” and resolving problems
  • Going the extra mile or otherwise getting involved, even when it’s not in our job description
  • Asking questions to identify the root cause of problems and directing solutions at those causes
  • Managing our career and educational goals

Reaching for excellence

  • Seeking the best way – not always the easiest way – to accomplish our goals
  • Challenging each other on the status quo
  • Relentlessly pursuing higher levels of achievement
  • Incorporating these values into our daily lives